20 Amazon Alternatives: Shop Independent Fashion and Beauty Brands



If you visit Amazon online you can purchase books, videos, software, apparel, baby product, electronics, beauty products, food, health and personal-care items, industrial and scientific supplies, kitchen items, jewelry and watches, lawn and garden items, musical instruments, sporting goods, tools, automotive items, homes, toys and much more.  Shopping with Amazon, the nation’s largest marketplace, is very appealing due to its large selection, competitive pricing, convenience, and fast shipping.  Of course, however not everyone finds it appealing to shop at Amazon.


There are numerous other places online where you can purchase the items previously mentioned and maybe even at the same prices with shipping included.  By purchasing locally and from small business owners you help create more jobs for the economy.  When you purchase from your local community the tax dollars go towards the expenses associated with your local infrastructure including education, libraries, roads, emergency responders, etc. 


Since Fashion Entrepreneurs of Houston (FEH) focusses on fashion and beauty this article will only focus on alternative fashion and beauty shopping options.  Some local Houston shopping options will be provided as well as other options available globally.  Specifically, marketplaces, brick-and-mortar stores and online platforms that allow customers to shop from multiple local businesses, will be discussed. 


There are many alternatives to Amazon’s online marketplace where you can find garments, handbags, shoes, jewelry, and other fashionable products online.  Even better… there are marketplaces which feature products that aren’t mass produced but rather created by smaller brands which may offer handmade products or products designed and manufactured in smaller batches.  These marketplaces may be solely online and/or exist as a brick-and-mortar store in your local community.  They provide a way for smaller brands to get their products in front of interested buyers.


Below are some marketplaces for you to consider shopping at.  Keep in mind, there are many other places that you can shop at and this list exists to help you get started.

1.  Buy Me Once

Products available for purchase online are carefully selected to ensure that they are long-lasting.  Buy Me Once hopes to empower consumers to buy more sustainable products.  They have a wide variety of brands, including small designers, from around the world that offer products for your home as well as clothing and accessories for men, women, and children.


2.  Collectivo (Located in Houston, TX)

This boutique is located in Houston, TX and has a brick-and-mortar storefront.  You don’t have to be located in Houston, TX to shop the selection.  You can make purchases online.  The boutique sells Latin American apparel and accessories designed by small brands.  You can also find the work of other local designers, that don’t necessarily sell Latin American apparel, in the boutique.


3.  Etsy

You can find a wide array of products on Etsy.  Etsy started out as an online marketplace offering handmade products.  Today Etsy sellers also sell wholesale products as well.  You can search and filter the results by “handmade” to find one of kind items.  You can also search by location.  The product offerings are made from individuals all across the world.  It is a great marketplace to discover the designs of emerging designers.


4.  Fancy

Fancy is an online marketplace where you can purchase clothing, accessories, shoes, beauty products and more.  You can search Fancy’s website using filters such as Made in the United States of America, Sustainable, Small Business, Handcrafted and more. 


5.  FashionValet

FashionValet has a wide selection of clothing, accessory, and beauty products.  The fashion is modest in design and unique.  FashionValet started online and now has several brick-and-mortar locations. 


6.  Heartmade Art Market (Located in Texas)

Heartmade Art Market features the work of Texas Designers.  You may purchase clothing, accessories, and other items at the market.  The market takes place in Houston’s Downtown District several times a year.  A portion of the proceeds go to charity. 


7.  The Hive (Located in Houston, TX)

This boutique is located in Houston, TX and has a brick-and-mortar storefront.  The boutique contains clothing and accessories of some of Houston’s local brands.  Many of the brands offer merchandise that have been designed and manufactured in small quantities by the entrepreneurial business owners.  The Hive provides links to the brands’ websites where you can make online purchases.


8.  Launch (Located in Houston, TX)

If you’re interested in finding clothing and accessories along with home goods and food items that are representative of the Texas culture this is a great store to visit.  All the items in the store are designed by local Houstonians.  You can purchase from the designers’ collections on the website.



MAMOQ is an online marketplace offering access to independent labels.  MAMOQ offers sustainable clothing and accessories.  The offerings are sourced from all over the world.


10.  Not Just a Label

Not Just a Label features original designer collections from individual brands located all across the globe.  The online marketplace features clothing and accessories of thousands of designers.


11.  Nineteenth Amendment

Nineteenth Amendment focuses on sustainable fashion production.  Items that you purchase are made to order.  You’ll find unique designs for men and women available for purchase.


12.  Package Free Shop

There are two locations in New York and you can also shop online.  Package Free Shop focusses on reducing plastic pollution.  The Home, Clothing, and Health and Beauty Products that are offered on the website are packaged free of plastic.  Package Free Shop is a marketplace for brands that incorporate sustainability in their business practices.


13.  Plastic Freedom

As the name suggests Plastic Freedom, which is based in the UK, sells products from brands that offer plastic free products.  Offerings available for purchase online include clothing and accessories, beauty products, and so much more.


14.  Popup Shop Galleria (Located in Houston, TX)

This marketplace in located in Houston’s most popular mall, the Galleria.  It features brands that design their own merchandise as well as brands that source wholesale merchandise.  At Popup Shop Galleria you can discover small brands offering clothing and accessories and from time to time there are brands offering products for the home, food, and other products for purchase.


15.  The Pop-Up Co-Op (Located in Houston, TX)

The Pop-Up Co-Op has a brick-and-mortar storefront.  Women owned small businesses are represented in the store.  You can find clothing and accessories designed by local Houston entrepreneurs.  You can also purchase directly from the business owners online.


16.  Rize

Rize is a sustainable online marketplace for emerging designers in the fashion industry.  Both men and women’s clothing and accessories are available for purchase.  The designers are located all across the world.


17.  Sam & Lance

You’ll find sustainable products made by women across the globe on Sam & Lance’s online marketplace.  Products include clothing and accessories, health and beauty, and home goods.


18.  StyleWe

StyleWe is an online marketplace featuring independent fashion designers.  The designers are located all over the world.  The online marketplace offers clothing and accessories for purchase.


19.  Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages sells handmade items from various makers across the globe.  They ensure that the makers earn a fair living wage and have safe working conditions.  The handmade items are made from locally sources materials as well as recycled materials.  You can read about the makers of each product that they sell.  You can buy items for your home, outdoors, health and beauty, and also for gift giving.  They have hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores located across the U.S.


20.  Zalora

In addition to well known brands, Zalora offers products made by local brands in Asia.  Product offerings include clothing, shoes, accessories, handbags, and beauty items for men, women, and kids,

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