How Do I Make My Own Clothing Label?



Whether you are designing clothes for sale or purchasing clothing from a supplier to sell you will need clothing labels.  As a designer you can design your own labels or you may purchase them.  If you’re purchasing wholesale clothing, you’ll want to talk with your supplier about how to label your garments.


This article will help you answer the following questions.


  • Can I put my own label on wholesale clothing?
  • Where can I get labels made for clothing?
  • What should be on a clothing hang tag?



Custom Branded Labels

When you purchase from manufacturers, wholesalers, and vendors your items will likely come with tags branded with their information or the designer’s information.  Labels are printed directly on to products (or product containers) or are attached or applied separately.  You should not remove the branded labels that are attached to the wholesale products that you have purchased without getting express permission from the designer or manufacturer.  You don’t want to remove branded labels yourself.  You may risk causing damage to the items if you remove the tags yourself.

There’s a significant investment you will be making when you decide to start branding your items.  It’s not absolutely necessary to have branded tags on your items.  You should first make sure that you have a profitable business.  Start by selling items that you purchase that already contains the designer, vendor, and/or manufacturers name on them.  If your items are selling well then it may be worth the time, money, and effort to personally brand your items.

There are designers, vendors, and manufacturers that will allow you to include your brand label on their products instead of having their branding on the labels.  This is called private labeling.  During the sale of the items to you, the manufacturer may offer you the opportunity to have your own branded tags attached to the items for an additional fee.  You may have to purchase a minimum quantity of items in order to have your labels personalized with your brand.  Some vendors or manufacturers may require you to purchase, design, and then supply your labels to them and they will attach the labels for you.  There are companies that exist that are dedicated to making product labels.  Other vendors and manufacturers may design your labels in addition to attaching them to your items.


Care Labels

By law garments are required to have care labels attached.  Many of your customers will want to refer to the care labels to learn about the construction of your garments and how to take care of them.  Care labels should include the materials of construction, the country of manufacture, specify if any materials are imported, the name of the manufacturer, importer, or seller or registered identification number, and washing and care instructions.  The Registered Identification Number is a unique number assigned by the Federal Government as an identifier.  The supplier (wholesaler or manufacturer) should include care labels in the garments before they are sold to you.  If you are designing your own clothing you can make your own branded labels and care labelsThere are iron on labels, peel and stick labels, and printer labels that you can purchase and design.  You can always purchase labels from a label manufacturer as well.


Hang Tags

Hang tags are the larger paper tags that are attached to a garment that usually state the name of the brand.  You should confirm with your supplier if you may remove the hang tag that is attached to the items that you have purchased.  You can then add your own hang tags if you would like if permissible.  Hang tags help you come across as a more established and reputable brand that can be trusted.  They allow you to convey more information than you can place on a label.  Hang tags allow you the opportunity to display your brands information.  You my display one or more of the following items on a hang tag. 

  • Business Name
  • Logo
  • Social Media Links
  • Website
  • Discount Offer Code
  • Bar Code
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Instructions
  • Message

There are several ways to obtain hang tags for your clothing.  You can use a design software and create your tag design yourself.  You can then print it yourself on heavy cardstock or send it off to be printed by a printing company.  If you need large batches of tags it is probably more economical and time saving to send them to a printing company.  Alternatively, you can start designing your tags with a template provided by a hang tag manufacturer and pay for them to print your tags.  Hang tags can be designed in a variety of shapes, thicknesses, sizes, and textures.  You may also be able to obtain your hang tags from your clothing manufacturer and have them attached.  For this, you may have to purchase a minimum quantity of items.  If you are attaching hang tags yourself you may use a tag gun and fastener, ribbon, string, or yarn with an optional safety pin to attach your tags.  There are also plastic fasteners that do not require a tag gun that come in different sizes and colors.


Hang tags are also a good idea because they can deter customers from using your items and then returning them.  In your return policy you can state that items must be returned with tags to be eligible for a refund. 


Price Tags

You can include your price on your hang tags or you can create separate tags for pricing.  If you include your pricing on a hang tag you would most likely do so by attaching a sticker with the price printed on it.  Alternatively, but not as professional looking, you may have a spot designated on the tags where you can write in or stamp the price. 

Again, if you are ordering large enough quantities you may be able to get price tags attached by the clothing vendor or manufacturer.  Having a separate tag for the price, aside from the hang tag, allows you to print the price on the tag along with other details you may want to include.




  • Shop around to find the best pricing online. Look for coupon codes and discounts.
  • You don’t have to order “hang tags” for your product tags. For small hangtags you can consider purchasing and using business cards, which are much more affordable, and punching a small hole at the top with a tag gun and adding a fastener.
  • If attaching tags to clothing it is best to attach them on the clothing label or at the seams.
  • Consider purchasing larger hang tags for clothing and placing them where customers must remove them, but not be annoyed when trying on, in order to wear the garment to avoid customers returning used garments.

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