TikTok: How it can grow your business and help you gain a following

What you will learn:

  • What is TikTok
  • How TikTok can help with business exposure
  • What you can post

As entrepreneurs, one is always finding different ways to get exposure for your business and how to market yourself in our modern age, one of the newest social media sites to help do that is TikTok.

What is TikTok? 

TikTok is a social network dedicated to short 15 or 60-second videos. Creators can make content on the app or upload pre-recorded videos and edit them into the final product. TikTok has many different types of videos like cooking, dancing, DIY, fashion, beauty, travel, memes, educational and much more so there is something for everyone. TikTok is the most downloaded app of 2020, combined, TikTok and its Chinese counterpart Douyin have over 800 million users.

How did TikTok begin?

 Tiktok started as an app called Musica.ly. Founded in 2014, users would mainly post lip-syncing and dancing videos with their primary users being preteens and teens. This was around the time when Vine was losing its popularity so a new app had to take its place. Musica.ly. was then merged with the TikTok app when it was bought by a Chinese company called Bytedance in 2017. Influencers are now coming out of TikTok just like Youtube and Instagram with brand deals and sponsorships. Lipsyncing and dancing is still popular on the app, but it has grown to so much more types of content. The app blew up during quarantine because people had more downtime and now TikTok is setting trends in fashion, music, dance, interior design, and even food.

How it is used and the algorithm

The TikTok algorithm is very specific once one gets to use the app. There are two sections on the main page of the app, the page where the people you follow are and the “for you” page. The “For You” feed on the app is where the algorithm comes in. It is content that TikTok thinks you will like and it is based on: 

-Interest expressed when you make an account

Image of the TikTok home page


-User interactions, which is videos you share, accounts followed, comments, and your content

-The information on the videos themselves like hashtags, captions, and sounds

-Lastly, your account settings which are language, country setting, and device type

How it can help with business exposure:

Since everyone’s For You page is personalized, it is easy to gain a following for your business. Working with the algorithm is key for getting exposure to your business. Using trending hashtags and sounds on your businesses TikToks can help put your content on the discover page so that more people see it. On the Discover Tab trending hashtags are shown, only use hashtags that are related to your video.

The Discover page on TikTok

-Short Captions bring better results than long captions, asking questions, and mysterious captions that are answered in the video engage the viewer. Starting a conversation in your videos’ comments also help with engaging the viewer.

- As mentioned above, trending sounds on the app also bring in views. They are a bit harder to find if you are not very active on the app, but once found, they can be saved and used later. Trending sounds can be found when you click on the ‘create’ button on the bottom and then click on ‘sounds’.

The trending sound page on TikTok


-Posting on a time of day when your followers are most active. These analytics can be found if you have a TikTok pro account. 

-Editing your video can make a big difference in getting views, cool editing styles, and loops get the most views. Keep in mind that TikTok is a bit more casual so the video does not have to be perfect at the beginning of your TikTok career.

-TikTok sends videos to For You pages based on location so local businesses can increase their brand awareness to the community, especially to young people.

-Being consistent with video uploads

-Duets increase awareness when you ask the audience to duet the video when it is necessary.

-Shorter videos gain more views because they are watched until the end

So what type of content should/can you create on TikTok for your business?

-Fashion designers can film the process of creating a garment 

-Boutiques can film different ways to style their clothes or some content related to your business

-Makeup artists can film doing different looks on clients or on themselves to show off their talent

-Photographers can film photo shoots and the finished photo or give tips on photography

Any type of content relevant to your business will work well to your audience and TikTok is the perfect way to get in with the younger generation.

These are ideas that I hope can help in the start of creating content

TikTok is growing with new users every day and it is an app that will help in creating engaging content for your business. I hope this helps!

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