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What is unique about your handbags?

Our handbags are fun. The client gets to be the designer of the handbag. You get to pick the color and type body, the inner liner and the handle. The handbags are custom to your taste. You can go bold with flashy colors or conservative with traditional colors. The handbags are very easy to clean and in today's' climate it is easy to sanitize. 

Why did you start your company?

In 2011, our lives forever changed when our son Jackson was born. Jackson was 6 days old when we found out that he has Down Syndrome. We knew at that point we had to plan for his future, create a legacy to ensure that he would be taken care of. In the years following, we were inspired to start a handbag company. We wanted a handbag that reminded us of Jackson, whimsical, unique and indestructible. The med•lē handbag company was born. The med•lē handbag company was developed to ensure that Jackson would be taken care of as he grew older. We named the company med•le, after our beautiful daughter, Medley.

How does med•le get involved in the local community?

med•le has a special gives back program. For every handbag you purchase we give a portion is gifted to these two organizations near and dear to our hearts. The Down Syndrome Association of Houston helps us navigate the demands of raising a child with Down Syndrome. They provide education and support for families with children with Down Syndrome. I worked with Free The Captives, an anti-human trafficking organization,  while I was a Harris County Juvenile Probation Officer and I saw first how they help the girls escape the bonds of human trafficking. Free the Captives has mentoring, education for the community and a work program to teach the girls how to be entrepreneurs.

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