Membership Benefits

  • Post in Our Newsletter

Depending on your membership plan, you have the opportunity to post a communication one or more times throughout the year in the newsletter.  If you have something newsworthy to share (opening a shop, a celebrity wore your clothing, you're going to be featured in a fashion show, etc.) we'd love to hear about it.  Newsletters are currently distributed bi-monthly.  The deadlines to receive information to be included in the newsletters will be the 5th day of the month and the 15th day of the month.   Please send submissions by email to  With your submission please include the following as applicable:

    • Name of Event/Opportunity/Announcement
    • Date/Deadline
    • Time/Timeline
    • Contact Information (website, email, phone number)
    • Brief Description (up to three sentences)
    • Small Picture
    • Flyer (to be posted on our website containing any additional details)


  • Post on Our Social Media

Members are allowed to post on our social media platforms.  If you'd like for us to post an upcoming event, opportunity, or other communication on our social media account you will need to send both a picture or video file of your post to along with the description that you would like to be included with your post.  It will be five to seven days before your post will be published.  All posts must provide value to our audience of entrepreneurs in the fashion industry and are subject to approval.  Posts that are not relevant to our audience will not be published.  

  • Advertise Your Events
If you'd like to post an event on our website please send a flyer in a picture file (.png, .jpg, .gif).  If it is relevant to our audience of fashion industry professionals we will post it on our website and include it in our newsletter if submitted early enough.  The newsletter deadlines are the 5th day of the month and the 15th day of the month.  It may take up to seven business days before an event is posted on our website.  Flyers should include the name of the business, event date, time, location, description of the event, and contact information.  Send event details to


  • Get Featured Online and at Our Meeting

Throughout the year we feature different members on our website, in our newsletter, and/or at our meetings.  The featured member may also be featured on social media.  There are limited opportunities to be featured throughout the year.  To request to be a featured member send the information requested on the featured member form to 

  • Speak at a Meeting

We are always looking for speakers to present at our monthly meetings.  We aim to vary the topics presented throughout the year.  Presentations must be educational, providing value to our members, and tailored specifically for entrepreneurs in the fashion and beauty industry.  We encourage our speakers to provide an interactive experience during their presentation.  If you have a topic you'd like to present on, please fill out our Speaker Form and contact us by email at


  • Magazine Submissions

There are several opportunities to have your business represented in the annual Fashion Entrepreneurs of Houston Magazine.  Submissions are being received on an ongoing basis.  You can read more about the submission opportunities here.  ​

  • Members-Only Discounts & Incentives
We want to be able to offer additional incentives for our members.  This is also a great way for you to market your business.  We ask that members consider providing promotional items to be included in our membership bags.  If you need ideas for items there's lots of companies both locally and online that sell such items with your logo imprinted on them.  Check out some of them here.  
We are also putting together a list of offers to provide to our members.  If you'd like to offer a free gift with a purchase or offer a percentage off of purchases to our members let us know.  This is a good way to acquire a customer with lower marketing costs.  Send an email detailing your offer or incentive to and we will be in touch.


  • Online Educational Resources

As a member, you have access to educational materials which include business start-up, website design, advertising, social media marketing, and more.

  • Awards

Awards are presented to members annually.  Award recipients are selected by a nominating committee.  View award eligibility here.


  • Grant

Members who have paid their annual membership dues are eligible to apply for a grant.  Previous grant recipients must wait a specified period of time before reapplying.  This is to ensure all members are given adequate consideration for the available funding.  View additional details here.