Online Industry News Sites

Local​ Houston

  • it's not Hou it's me - features local Houston area places to visit and discover as well as highlights local Houston businesses

  • STRUTitup - reporting on local Houston fashion events (site no longer updated)

US and Global

  • The Cut - article updates on what is happening around the world in the fashion industry

  • Fashion Editorials - site displaying the creative works of fashion photographers & agency models

  • The Fashion Law - daily articles on law cases related to major retail fashion businesses

    • Fashion Revolution - registered charity in England with the aim to raise public awareness and educate people about the challenges facing the global fashion industry to bring about change

      • Fashion United - article updates on what is happening around the world in the fashion industry

        • Glossy - diverse assortment of articles on all things fashion and beauty related

        • Huffington Post - features lots of helpful and informative posts on fashion and beauty

        • Nowfashion - photography of models on the runway allowing you to view runway shows from the comfort of your couch at home


        • Pop Shop America - introduces you to fashionable clothing items, as well as small fashionable brands, many of which are located in Houston, TX

        • PopSugar - articles on general fashion news, celebrity news, and helpful and informative fashion advice

        • PurseBlog - everything you want to know about handbags and more

        • Refinery29 - articles on a wide variety of fashion and beauty related topics